Secretary General

Speech of the General secretary of the Higher Council for Youth and Sport


   Since the Higher council For Youth and sport has established, it has aimed to develop and promote national investment among youth. Our qualified staff have also raised awareness of intellectual, cultural and sports issues. This council has become a major achievement in terms of youth work in Palestine. In the past decade, we have adopted a number of programs that are comprehensive, as they are cross-sectoral programs, aided by their geographical expansion and the intersection of their work with all governmental and non-governmental institutions. Drawing a national policy Which will meet the aspirations of youth and ensure their active participation in all aspects of life will achieve great goals, and will change the reality of youth and serve the development of this great Palestinian society.

In its policy of working with youth, the Council builds on a comprehensive vision that focuses on the priority of combine youth into sustainable development, strengthening their national identity and their rights to good citizenship, because our goal and vision start out from our dreams and aspirations. Which is inexhaustible.

We, in the Higher Council for Youth and Sport, believe that education is a participatory practice. When we talk about participation, the participation of youth in shaping their future is for us a top priority and a necessity to strengthen their convictions with their important entrepreneurial roles. We have adopted a participatory policy in youth work, a policy that will make a difference in the reality of youth, a policy through which we seek to effectively engage and represent youth in policy-making, formulation of plans and implementation of programs, in order to achieve our vision of creating a free and democratic Palestinian society, Participant, and It has equal opportunities.


Although the Higher Council for Youth and Sport is responsible first and foremost for taking all measures and mechanisms to implement the general principles on youth work in Palestine, educational institutions, must become a welcoming environment for social progress. NGOs, international organizations and all elements of society to ensure the spread of the culture of youth empowerment and to establish a qualitative leap in creating community awareness of the importance of youth roles.

The Higher Council and its openness to all sectors of the Palestinian society, represented by its individuals, institutions and formal and informal frameworks, has strengthened its participatory approach, so that with time and experience it has become a reference in all issues related to youth work in this country and we have become a comprehensive framework that includes all the youth institutions and clubs Youth, and this was only the natural outcome of long and intensive efforts in the field of youth work, rich experience, during which we examined the reality of youth and literature related to youth work, and the needs of youth in Palestine, And in detailing the cross-sectoral strategic plans accordingly, and taking into account reaching out to the youth groups from the farthest to the near and even the field, in the summer camps, volunteer campaigns and scouting work, and we have always been aware of our goals of seeking to develop and promote the values of citizenship, For youth, providing a legal environment capable of organizing youth work, as well as an environment suitable for sports activity, accompanied by intensive efforts to establish infrastructure and facilities to serve the youth of Palestine wherever it exists.


In all the literature, the educational thought emphasizes the importance of building youth at all levels, since every human being is unique, and because every youth in Palestine is a cornerstone in the building of the state, it must be equitably rehabilitated to be prepared according to his thoughts and directions. And develop their future based on a fertile ground of knowledge, modern and moving forward with conscious practices that will have an important and significant impact on the individual and society.

The youth of Palestine have long faced challenges and difficult obstacles, and changes in the course of their lives, but each time they prove that they are tie up to their national values and are able to create innovative solutions to their problems and challenges, and has accompanied the Higher  Council in their long journey of fluctuation and change, and always provided them with training and means of development and prepared cadres working in the Council to be eligible to keep pace with the needs of youth in the future, our cadres distributed throughout the country and in the diaspora, the goals of youth, and we promise that we will stay always the first to monitor the first to initiate the first step is always toward youth, The Palestine Liberation Organization has been and will continue to be the champion of Palestinian national liberation and its young Palestinian soldiers wherever they may be. Be sure that you are with our eyes.