HCYS Presdient

Speech of his Excellency, General Jibril Rajoub

President of the higher council for youth and sport




   Our Palestinian youth is the strong human link that binds all sectors of the Palestinian people. because of their stability and steadfast, also their geographical, historical and tribal links with Palestine, they learned the whole world a lesson of belonging, loyalty to their country.


   We are aware of how secretariat is difficult to be carried, and the difficulty of challenges, and we realize that the lack of chances is not the main issue, but the main issue is the Israeli occupation, that our problems start there, but it will end when the youth decides.

  My message for youth is that all segments of society depend on youth, you are the leaders of today and tomorrow, which requires harnessing all the resources and energies to serve your issues and empower you on a solid foundation of national values, active participation and good citizenship.


  It is a holy bond between you as active individuals and as a supreme body that do care about youth, a bond that derives its strength from your explosive energies and inspirational thoughts, and from your unlimited ambitions.

Every day in your life is a new challenge, and a ray of hope at the same time.

Every day in your life is a new opportunity for innovation, creativity and success, and every achievement you achieve is abuilding block of the wall of our home Palestine.


   We are in the Higher Council for youth and sport as a supreme body that seeks to enhance the participation and empowerment of Palestinian youth wherever they may be. We have deep interventions in all aspects of life that belong to you, whether it is health, economic, educational, media, sports or social. Therefore, the empowerment of youth requires the unity of all educational, social, political and civil society organizations. Empowering you is a right for you and a duty for all of us. Therefore, all parties must join together to achieve the comprehensive development of the youth to stand on solid ground.


Our sons, youth of Palestine at home and diaspora,

   The Palestinian leadership, represented by Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas, is keen to support you and strengthen your active participation. This nation needs strong arms, great hearts and enlightened minds to overcome the obstacles of this long journey that must end with liberation and the building of this nation. We are confident that the future of any nation is drew in the eyes of its youth, I can see in your eyes the future of a recovery Palestine, perhaps the sparkle in your eyes is the source of light that the martyr Yasser Arafat has saw in the end of the tunnel.